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BOINC is an open-source project connecting a global network of contributors. Become part of that network by making BOINC better.


Application, communication, and engagement. These are the keys to the most successful BOINC projects.

How can you most efficiently compute your research, communicate the goals of your project, and engage your crunchers to keep their cycles crunching your work.

Don't stress too much. The BOINC Network is full of science communicators and power users who do not hesitate to help any project in need, particularly if there is the potential for a badge involved.

Science Communicators

The challenge BOINC offers science communicators cannot be understated. 

BOINC projects are run by scientists and researchers who have spent a lifetime honing their skills in very specific fields. They often use a language only their peers can understand.

Your challenge is to communicate the science of any project you wish to as many people as possible.

Software Engineers

Software engineers must develop secure, effective code that will expand BOINC's capabilities while improving, or at least not hindering the user experience.

Work alone or along-side some of the most talented developers in the world to solve the challenges of delivering distributed computing to the masses.


Entrepreneurs must craft business plans that can grow in a permissionless and open-source environment. The potential is vast and the industry remains wide open. Identify a problem, provide a solution, develop the first layer of the distributed digital future, all while helping science.


Believe it or not, not everyone knows about BOINC. Still, it's consistently pumps out the processing power equivalent to a top 5 super computer. 

Imagine if everyone computer ran BOINC while its owner slept. Imagine if every empty computer lab ran BOINC while it was not in use. Imagine if every server at Amazon or Google or IBM ran BOINC while waiting to be used.

Imagine the science that could get done.

Now stop imagining and make it happen.

Graphic Designers

The design challenges within BOINC span across multiple sectors.

UX/UI, web design, communication and marketing, even simple badges could be your calling.

Whatever you decide, BOINC needs you and your creative solutions.


BOINC is a global network that encompasses several types of organizations, multiple professions, and a limitless mob of unique personality types and groups. These vastly differing entities must work together to ensure the infrastructure and network continues to operate, improve, and excel.

The stronger the edges, the stronger the network. The stronger the network, the better for science.


Universities are the backbone of society's fundamental research structures, including education. Education and fundamental research are core drivers of everyone in BOINC. 

How can your institution use its platform and resources to amplify the power and reach of BOINC? Does one of your professors use BOINC? Do your science/research departments use BOINC? Does your compsci or data science depeartment develop a BOINC project in partnership with one of your science departments?

Companies, Corporations, and Organizations

Companies and corporations are masters of rapid develop and resource management. BOINC is a tool to advance your goals while providing ample good will.

How can you help BOINC help you even more?

Unique Challenges

BOINC presents an array of unique challenges for contributors from all fields. Improve on and learn new individual and collaborative skills while contributing to science. 

Why not make BOINC your resume.

The Community


Join developers, project admins, and community members for general discussion, live help and troubleshooting, and the live recordings of the BOINC Radio podcast!​


Join developers, project admins, and community members for development focused discussions.


Dive into the BOINC codebase, solve an issue, or add a feature.