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Climate Projects

Climate Prediction dot Net

Climate change is occurring at an incredible pace. Even if practices were put in place to mitigate emissions, the world's climate will be different in the decades to come. Climate Prediction dot Net works simulate the climate for the century ahead. It models temperature, rainfall, and the probability of extreme weather events.

Hosted by Oxford University

Compatible CPUs: Windows, Mac, Linux

Compatible GPUs: —–

World Community Grid

World Community Grid has completed dozens of projects and continues to work on many more. From climate science, to medical research, to cancer and HIV/AIDs discovery... WCG does it all. It is a great first project to introduce you to BOINC.

WCG is currently running an Africa Rain Fall project that is modeling weather patterns in Africa.

Hosted by IBM

Compatible CPUs: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

Compatible GPUs: ARM

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