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In a sense, the Internet really is a series of tubes. These tubes connect everyone together in a vast, fluid network. Ithena works to model this global infrastructure that connects us all.

Independently Hosted

Compatible CPUs: Windows, Linux, ARM

Compatible GPUs: —–


The world is becoming more automated by the day. Have you ever wondered what makes this automation work? The answer is Logic Control Systems, or SLS. Gerasim@Home works to optimize SLS systems by exploring the different ways a system can be partitioned. It also does sodukos.

Hosted by Southwest State University

Compatible CPUs: Windows, Linux

Compatible GPUs: —–


TACC is a supplement to research done with the TACC/XSEDE supercomputer. Tasks include work on multiple subjects including aerospace engineering, computational biology, and earthquake engineering.

Hosted by Texas Advanced Computing Center

Compatible CPUs: Windows, Mac, Linux

Compatible GPUs: —–

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